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Guangdong Association For International Friendly Contact was a regional civil organization, established under the sponsorship of well-known social activists in Guangdong province. It is registered in 1985 at the Guangdong Civil Administration Ministry, aiming to promote friendly cooperation between Guangdong and the rest of the world, and maintain world peace.  

GAIFC Hold Meeting in Shenzhen
Members of GAIFC gethered in Shenzhen to discuss annual plan of 2015.
New Members!
GAIFC held a ceremony for new members.
GAIFC's Executive Vice President Mr. You Yaping met with guests from Vietnam.
A Visit to the Philippines
GAIFC payed a visit to FFCCCII.
Member Achievements
An Interview with Vice President Zheng Jikun
Apr 7th,2009, Zhongshan Daily had an interview with Zheng Jikun, Vice President of GAIFC, and reported Mr Zheng's managing Philosophy on humanity and tenacity >>Details


Fu Lang


Born in Feb 1956, Jiangxi Province, Doctor Degree, Director of Foreign affairs office in Guangdong People's government. 


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Guangdong Association of International Friendly Contact

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